Attaining a Job as a Clerical Officer Essay

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Attaining a Job as a Clerical Officer

The person specification describes job qualities which are essential and desired in order to do the Clerical Officer job to the standard which Durham County Council want.

Qualifications and experience are shown in phase 1, and phase 2 shows the personal qualities, these are then split into essential and desired qualities.

This allows candidates and Durham County Council to quickly judge whether or not they are appropriate for the job.

The benefit of it is that it is easy to follow so that applicants know what Durham County Council require and allows the candidate to assess themselves before applying for the job which means they will not apply if
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This doesn’t put applicants off at first glance as it is simple, where as if this was wrote in paragraph form it would require both applicant and Durham County Council to separate qualities and make it a harder and longer process to see suitability.

Although the table allows applicants to see if they are suitable, as it is set out showing what is essential and what is desired, it may put applicants off. For example if the applicant had every desired quality they were asking for but did not have 1 of the essential qualities, they may not apply for the job although they may have been an exceptionally good candidate as they offered all of the desired qualities as well as most of the essentials.

Durham county council will have included the information that they have to attract the candidate that will fit into the office environment, for example having disorganised loud male in a quiet small and organised environment which is full of women may cause a clash in personalities which can lead to problems in the working environment. It is very important that people who work together can get along as it ensures that everyone enjoys work, and if they enjoy work they are more likely to work harder and give their best. This is why they have asked for desired personal qualities such as good communication skills in order to work well with staff and customers.

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