Why Is Police Brutality More Prevalent Nowadays?

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Why is police brutality more prevalent nowadays?

Accusations of the use of excessive force by the United States police department continue to generate headlines more than two decades after the 1992 Los Angeles riots, which brought the issue to mass public attention and urged some Law enforcement reforms. According to the article written by John Wihbey and Leighton Walter Kille, excessive-force complaints against law enforcement officers, internally generated, have more than doubled from 2003 to 2008, which are the most recent statistics available. While some citizens argue that police officers are doing their job, is police violence more prevalent because of social media dramatization, lack of proper tactical training, or is it the vigilante
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Yes, it is because the number one reason that these incidents are being shared among the community is because of videos being shared. If it weren’t for social media the truth of these cases would not be seen, and once again individuals are silenced by a bias police report. According to the article “Police brutality raises social media shock waves”, an officer put his boot on 17-year-old Marcel Hamer and then punched him, knocking him out and 43-year-old Erick Garner who was choked to death as officers were subduing him. Onlookers on their cell phones captured these entire incidences, and then they posted the videos on social media to share with the community the injustice of our police departments. These videos are so powerful because we as a community could see the evidence with our own eyes. As a result, we as a community make our own conclusions in regard to the particular issue. For instance, I showed my wife the video of Erick Garner being subdued by officers. She was enraged, not only by how he was treated, but because after the police officer knew he was not breathing, seconds and minutes passed and not one officer tried to give him CPR. After all, he is a human and he deserves to be treated like one and not left to die on the floor of a convenience store. After all, police officers should serve and protect our community, not watch them die. I wonder how many lives have gone that have not been …show more content…
Yes, unfortunately some officers’ feel like they are superior to others and that they are untouchable because of their position. A couple days ago I was watching the channel Investigation Discovery when I came across a story of these three innocent African American men. One of them was in prison for 75 years for a murder he did not commit. The other two were given 30 years because supposedly they helped with the murder. Back then when these three individuals were interrogated the sessions were not recorded. These three individual accuse the detectives of beating them and torturing them for hours. Each individual was integrated in different rooms. They all said they were told by the detectives that if they didn’t tell them what they wanted to hear they wouldn’t be allowed go home. So after many beatings and torture they finally signed the statement of what happened written by the detectives. So I wonder, how many innocent people have died in prison. How many innocent people have died in the hands of police officers that suppose to serve and protect their communities. How many untold stories we don’t know about. One great example of vigilante attitude that makes the officers’ feel above the law is the case of the Uber driver. In this incident, Patrick Cherry, an NYPD detective assigned to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force is seen using his authority to belittle the

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