Essay on Athletics Vs. Academics

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The debate over big time college athletics versus academics can easily be broken down with facts. Athletes at colleges where athletics are a large part of the school's namesake are given unfair advantages that overshadow the purpose of the institutions existence.

Scandals in college athletics constantly riddle the news and media. Athletes are receiving financial and material gifts to attend and stay at a certain school. They are being given excessive and undeserved grade changes to maintain athletic eligibility. They are getting extra tutors that write the papers instead of teaching. These actions are demeaning academic establishments where athletics are suppose to be extra curricular to the educational priority.

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This translates to 489 students that are permitted to attend the university without ascertaining the minimum academic standards for acceptance that all other students must reach. This bias that profits the athletically gifted should not be occurring at an institution of the highest level of learning.

Not only are the institutions awarding discounted or free enrollment to people that do not meet the required academic achievements, but at times the universities have gone out of their way to use unethical and NCAA rule breaking methods to try to entice these athletes to attend.

The best example of this type of situation occurred at the University of Colorado. The scandal at the University of Colorado dates back to 1997. It started when a seventeen year old high school student accused a football player of rape after recruiting party. Although no charges where filed, three women since then have sued the school. They state that the University of Colorado aided in creating an environment that let to their rapes by football players and recruits. Mary Keenan, the Boulder County prosecutor for the case, declined to press charges; however she stated that she believes the athletic department persuades recruits with sex and alcohol. This trend does not stop there. A former player admitted to taking a recruit to strip club while a former recruiting aide also admitted using a school cell phone

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