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This paper summarizes various definitions of Artificial Intelligence and provides a brief account of progress in the field. The origin and purpose of artificial intelligence is discussed. This paper also discusses a few of the many subcategories of research, applications and current technological obstacles that scientist face when developing AI. In particular, this paper overviews various specific military applications of AI. Finally, the paper provides discussion on the impact that the future of artificial intelligence may have on humans. The literature that exists regarding artificial intelligence shall also be examined briefly, and finally how it has affected humanity, particularly psychologically.

Statement of topic
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The main challenge faced when defining artificial intelligence is the broad nature of the subject. Many researchers and experts have now found it reasonable and easier to define the term AI by dividing the concept into two definitions: weak Artificial Intelligence and strong Artificial Intelligence.
Weak AI
Weak AI states that some features that ‘think’ can be added to computers to make them more useful to humans. A good example to use in the definition of weak AI is the case of the Deep Blue computer, created by IBM, whose processing power helped the machine beat famous chess player Gary Kasparov in a game of chess several times. Some arguments suggest that the ability for the machine to beat Gary was based on its processing power while some seem to suggest that the machine was able to read patterns and adopt its game to beat the chess player. The question as to whether the machine was an example of the application of AI was posed to Plimpton, one of the creators of the supercomputer, who said “the short answer is ‘no’”. He went further to explain how the functionality of the machine did not fall under the definition of ‘strong AI’, meaning the functionality of the machine fit perfectly with the term ‘weak AI’ (Nordlander, 2001). Other examples of weak AI are the ability of calculators and spell-check programs to carry out their respective tasks.
Strong AI
Strong AI follows the thinking that computers are and can be made to

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