A Conceptualization of Tulia Using Jungian Theory Essay

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Create a conceptualization of Tulia using Jungian theory.
Tulia is a 31-year-old woman of mixed ethnicity, her father of European-American decent, and her mother of African-American descent. Her parents divorced when she was young. Her mother remarried and Tulia grew up in a blended family. Tulia presents with depression and anxiety from a car accident. She reports chronic pain with her neck and back related to injuries she received in the accident. Tulia states she find it hard to enjoy activities that once were a pleasure. However, she states her depression predates the accident. Tulia expresses relationship issues with her parents, stepfather, husband, and supervisor. According to Jungian Theory, Tulia is experiencing complexes
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Tulia states she can remember thinking the divorce was her fault. Her parent’s arguments were about parental issues (University). She states that why she tried to be a good, hiding her true Self. Tulia states she always desired to be close to her father, but his work and her mother’s anger keep their relationship from progressing.
Tulia’s complexes with her father projected to her relationship with her stepfather and husband. She states it was hard to have a relationship with her stepfather without reflecting on the conflict between her mother and her father (University). She recalls when she was reprimanding both her half brothers when her stepfather said, “Do not bully my sons. “ She said, “They are not just your sons, they are my brothers.” He replied, “If you cannot treat me like a father then they are not really your brothers.” Tulia states his comments hurt and she never has told anyone about this exchange with her stepfather (University). Tulia never dealt with her feelings and she represses them still today.
Tulia’s pain from her relation with her father and stepfather has cause further complexes with her husband. Tulia states she is unhappy in her marriage and for over two years she had an on and off extra marital affair. Tulia puts on a persona for her friends and family although truthfully, she has been depressed for much of her married life. Tulia projects her unresolved complexes from her

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