A Wife's Story Essay

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A Wife’s Story Moving to a new country is an emotional hardship and even harder when you leave family behind. Bharati Mukherjee uses her outlook on American as a new country to tell her story. By using American culture, conformity, and loss, the gains and losses of a new arrival becomes apparent in Bharati Mukherjee’s “A Wife’s Story.” Mukherjee uses American culture to expand and express Panna’s out look on the new culture she is placed into. The normal ways of conducting herself in India begin to become more and more distant. She realizes this change when she says “I’m to shy to break into dance on Broadway. So I hug Imre instead” (3117). The reader is able to see the old ways of India are slowly fading. She is not fully an …show more content…
Here the reader can see that she likes the idea of privacy without cooks and servants and is becoming more and more enlightened of the ways of America. Phanna trying to adjust to the American way begins to embrace the change. She made the journey to the United States for college but is conforming to the culture now. She says, “I’ve made it. I’m making something of my life” (3117). Here the reader can see that she felt as she had no purpose and now after having the chance to pursue her higher education she feels a self-accomplishment. She attends a play and is so offended and feels as a woman in New York her voice will be heard. She says, “I’ll write Mamet tonight. I feel strong, reckless. Maybe I’ll write Steven Spielberg too” (3117). Phanna finds self-empowerment after being outraged from the play. She starts to find her self in the new culture and likes the freedom. However she must comply with her Indian cultures when her husband comes. She must “change out of the cotton pants and shirt and put on a sari” (3120). The traditional American outfit is now a disgrace to her culture and she must comply with her Indian ways for her husband. However she also has to “handle the money and buy the tickets” (3120). Out of necessity due to her husband not knowing the American ways. She is unsure how to fill about this and possibly could be scared of what her husband must think. It places her in an awkward position when he comes to visit because she must

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