Theme Of The Tone Of A Lawyer's Wife

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Register to read the introduction… The tone is represented by the words used to describe Paris and the thoughts of the lawyer’s wife. One of the dominating elements that contribute to the tone is when the lawyer’s wife expresses her feelings of her daily routine. She, “…felt that she was growing old without having known life, except in those recurrent repellently monotonous, everyday occupations which constitute the happiness of the home.” (Maupassant, 512) The tone displayed from her feelings of the daily routine express her desire for more adventure and love within her own life rather than just the same old boring routine. Another contributing element is her view of the streets of Paris and what she envisions they hold. She envisions that, “The boulevards seemed to her a kind of abyss of human passions, and she did not doubt that the houses that lined them concealed mysteries of prodigious love.” (Maupassant, 512) The idea of Paris relates to the central idea because she is longing for a romance that she feels she can only get from

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