Essay about A Nation at Risk

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A Nation at Risk

Part 1:
A Nation at Risk was and is a document that in essence gave/gives a call to arms to wake up the American nation in regards to mediocrity within education. The report changed high schools to include more necessary core classes for the American high school student and brought about other forms of changes for American schools. It has brought about both negative and positive results in the reform towards successful education of all students. It was imperative to bring about awareness of the decline in educational results, but the modes of transition are still in need of great adjustments. Overall, the A Nation at Risk document set in motion the road for alteration within the American education system which
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It is imperative to look at results and hold educational structures accountable, but the modes of these transitions should not create further breakdown. A Nation at Risk is certainly important for educational structures to discuss and adjust.

Part 2: The impact that A Nation at Risk has had on American education in the aftermath of its release has been great. The report is still at the forethought of education throughout the nation. Some positive effects include national awareness of transitioning to necessary levels of higher standards and accountability. Negative effects which have ensued in regards to these changes in response to answer the call of the report, are still in need of great modification. However, A Nation at Risk has had tremendous implications in the process of evolving American education.
A Nation at Risk has been and is presently referred to in regards to the nation’s education and is a topic for much debate. Twenty-five years later in 2008, a twenty-five page report called A Nation Accountable was created in response to the results of reform since the time of the original report in 1983. The report states the U.S. nation is still a nation at risk, but is now, also, a nation informed, accountable, and recognizes there is much work to be done. The report summarizes that education is still not keeping up with the ever growing desired results set forth,

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