Customer Service Case Study

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Customer Service should become the focal point of Zeron. Zeron should define and set methodical instruction on how to make “the customer” the focus by defining “customer service”. Once the definition is defined clearly and meets Zeron vision, an implementation plan should be developed. While drawing the plan, Zeron should consider both internal and external customers. Internal customers are not limited Zeron’s staff in the billing department, the technicians and call center agents, but include the leaders/management teams. External customers are the end-users of cable services. Zeron organizational function consists of many independent unitss, and each functional unit has to work with the other functional unit, taking inputs from one another …show more content…
Listening in on of the key areas where the company can recognize the failure and find solutions to the problems. Listening also prevents any recurrence and improves services, as one functional unit recognizes the problem, finds solution and communicates with the other functional units before it becomes a wide spread issue. Effective complaint/problem resolution is the best way to improve the public 's perception of Zeron 's professionalism and integrity. Zeron should enable/support staff to implementing the internal customer complaints system efficiently and effectively. Selected few staff in each functional unit should be cross trained and empowered to take informed action. With cross trained staff, each functional unit clearly understands when it is appropriate to elevate the issues outside their area of responsibility and include the other appropriate functional unit at the right …show more content…
Through the use of service value analytics and optimization tools, service providers can communicate value to their customers, mobilize resources around specific financial opportunities, and dynamically predict customer value before committing resources (Ostrom, 2010). Customer service is a practiced art that takes time and effort to master. In order to stay to stay competitive in the market and retain its existing customers’, Zeron needs to stop and switch roles with the customer (both internal and external). What would you want from your business if you were the client? How would you want to be treated? Treat your customers like you want to be treated and they’ll always come

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