Zavion Case Study

The family resides in the Lincoln Park section of the city of Portsmouth. The neighborhood which Zavion resides in has a high rate of crime and drug activity. The neighborhood is centrally located to public schools, shopping, transportation and churches of various denominations. Community resources include the Portsmouth Health Department, Maryview Behavioral Health Center, Maryview Hospital, the Portsmouth Department of Social Services and the Department of Behavioral Healthcare Services.

The family resides in a four bedroom apartment. The apartment has a kitchen, living room, and bathroom. The home was not furnished adequately, and it was not very clean when this officer visited on January 27, 2016. There was clothing in a pile on a bed
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In the last three months, Zavion had five or more full-day unexcused absences and some infractions have been reported. Zavion has no special education status. His performance at school is good, averaging C or better. In the past two years, Zavion has received two out-of-school suspensions. Ms. Ward said she values education and she has encouraged Zavion to secure his high school diploma because she feels it is important, and he cannot be very successful in life without it. She further reported he could probably get a job, but it would be difficult to find a fulfilling career without an education. Zavion agreed his educational goals are the same as Ms. Ward. He believes his education experience will assist him with accomplishing his goals to go into the Merchant Marines. Zavion is currently enrolled in the Chesapeake Juvenile Services’ Educational program. He is passing all of his classes with a “B” or better.

Zavion 's general attitude toward education is positive. He believes there is a definite benefit to his education and somewhat believes the school environment is encouraging and supportive. There are no staff members at the school Zavion feels close to. Zavion is interested, but not involved in any school activities. Zavion reported he previously played basketball in middle school. His school records are
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He said he first smoked marijuana at age 15. He denied ever using alcohol. He did not believe his drug usage had any impact on his criminal behavior. Zavion has never participated in treatment or evaluations for alcohol or other drug use, but is receptive to participation in such a program. He denied being under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol at the time the matters were before the court. According to court service’s records, Zavion was “found in possession of a dime bag of marijuana” when he was charged with the matters before the court. He was charged with the possession of marijuana offense which was later nolle prossed.

There are no indications of mental health problems in Zavion 's case. Zavion has shown no indications of homicidal ideation and no indications of suicidal thoughts. Zavion has never had a psychological evaluation. Zavion and Ms. Ward, the mother reported he is in good physical and mental health. There is no evidence that he was ever physically or sexually abused. There are no indications that he has been sexually aggressive. There were no reports of any other family members being a victim of neglect, sexual, or physical abuse. Zavion has no known physical health issues. He is not on any medications at this

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