Case Study Of Washington State Offender Needs Assessment For Bill Smith

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After completing the Washington State Offender Needs Assessment for Bill Smith, I have identified what he needs for each of the 10 domains which are education, community employment, friends, residential, family, alcohol/drugs, mental health, aggression, attitudes and behaviors, and coping skills.
Smith 's education needs have been met. He had a hard start with school when he was younger, he quit near the end of his eighth grade year due to a lack in motivation from mental health issues and legal troubles. Though, he has vastly improved his education. He now has a GED and has recently obtained a vocational certificate in fabrication welding. His vocational certificate in fabrication welding has allowed him to secure a job. I think
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He will need to be talked to about his family members that do not want to see him. He needs to be given firm guidelines to not contact his mother and step father, as well as his son and previous partner. Trying to contact them will only result in trouble for him, which is not what he needs right now. He should also not talk to his father or brother that have been in prison, they are negative influences that he does not need in his life. Reminding him of what he good things he has will help him to not take a relationship for granted. Talking to him about his sister will show him that there are people that do care for …show more content…
His Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and dyslexia caused him to drop out of school. Though he has taken it upon himself to fix his education needs. He will need to be talked to about these issues to see if they effect his life enough to cause him problems. If they do, then some medication may be needed. By showing Smith how to manage his mental health issues, he will be able to fix the problems they cause.
Smith shows some violent tendencies when stressed or angry. In the past he has been violent towards his step father and partner. Discussing some proper ways to deal with stress and anger can help Smith learn how to control his emotions in order to stop the violence. Being strict will also show him that violence will not be tolerated. This will also motivate Smith to want to control the violence so he does not end up going back to prison. Giving Smith the proper guidelines to control his anger and stress as well as being stern should help him stop the violent outbursts.
Attitudes and

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