Zara Conceptual Model

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Figure 1.1: Conceptual Framework relating financial capability, social influences and consumer attitude to purchase intention.
Source: Developed basing on ideas adopted from Chaudary et al. (2014); Jaafar, Lalp and Naba (2012); Rahpeima et al. (2014); Rizwan et al. (2014) andTrinh and Phau, (2011).

The conceptual framework (Figure 1.1) shows that there are determinants of Zara purchase that lead purchase intentions. The determinants are namely; financial capability, social factors consumers’ attitudes and online buy. Financial capability involves price, value consciousness and easy access. Social factors include social influence, social status, image building and past experience. On the other hand, consumers’ attitude includes materialism,
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The thesis focus in insecurity in labor markets and youth consumption in Zara, this thesis is made from a critical point of view, what it is better, because most of the information and studies related with Inditex are usually are praise about the company.
2.4.3. Consumer behaviour in the valuation of residential property. A comparative study in the UK, Ireland and Australia
In that paper allow us how to approach the study of consumer behaviour in an intercultural context that made this study really useful to accomplish our goals in this paper.
Also in this work both its structure and objectives are related to consumer behaviour allowing us to discover both the successes and the mistakes in the investigation. For example after the review of this paper we saw how necessary it would be create our own data for the comparison of both countries and do not follow the example of this study that use previously created that to compare the two countries, because we consider the mistakes will be way bigger, for that this paper allow how to approach to a new methodology vision for this
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Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior of Smartphone Users
The aim of the study is to know about the factors influencing consumer behavior of Smartphone users. This study will approach us to identify the reason and factors that affect consumers to take de purchasing decision.
The empirical part of this study, it’s through focus group interviews, that will be an example of how to create data about this topic, also in this thesis we can identify some limitation of the research that we will try to avoid during this paper, for example during this thesis the realize only two focus groups of six participants each, what means the create data could have a big variance because it is a really small data.
For that the review of this paper is a really good example to follow and to understand the difficult and possible approach to a paper of consumer behavior topic.
2.4.5. The importance of social product attributes in consumer purchasing decisions: A multi-country comparative study
This paper its focus in the social factors affecting consumer behaviour, that is really important for the consumer buyer decision, what means the topic of the study is really useful even more when the focus part of the thesis is the multi-country comparative

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