Zara International Expansion Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… In Asia, with the fast growing economy, demand for fashion starts to grow. People want world recognized brand to make them different, stands out the crowd, no matter how much it cost. This can be seen highly in China, Japan and South Korea, women chase after fashion trend. They want the feeling of being same with the western celebrities; therefore big brands like Zara are very popular in these eastern countries. The marketing orientation for Zara in China or Japan is classified as high street apparel, expensive, leading fashion brand. That is also why the number of stores Zara opened in China increasing rapidly.
In Europe, where Zara originally come from, Zara is not as expensive as it is internationally. Europe is the hometown of top brands; instead of competing with luxury brands like burberry, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Zara locate its market at affordable pop brand. It is not expensive, everyone has a Zara. Zara is familiar even common to lots of Europeans. So the massive stores in Europe, especially in Spain there are more than 300 stores is because Spain is the hometown of Zara, people know and accept Zara. Consumers and the brand are under same culture
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Fashion changes for South hemisphere. To cater to the different seasons in South hemisphere countries, custom weather-appropirate collections debuted in stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Johannesburg and Lima. (Dishman, 2012) therefore Australians can have their fast fashion brand with the right season clothes. Melbourne and Sydney are international cities yet not many fashion brands located in. The reason can link to culture too. Australian have their own life style, their taste can be shown with brand country road: rural, comfort, non stress. However as more and more younger generation care of fashion, the demand for brand like Zara is booming up. So Zara in Australia locate is marketing orientation as high class fashion …show more content…
Zara is well known for its efficient and effective supply chain. Zara responses quickly to customers’ demand, however the quality is not good enough with the fast speed. According to THE ECONOMICS report, ‘Last year China's consumer watchdog attacked Zara for poor quality. The firm denies that it was singled out for political reasons. But the Chinese government typically targets foreign firms first.’ ( THE ECONOMIST, 2012) If the price of the clothes is fairly high, people would ask for a better quality. Further more, Zara chases the fashion trend, it is so easy to out of fashion in Zara. if the consumer buys a top which might be doubled price compare to a local brand, and after wore it twice it out of fashion, yet it is not sewed properly, the texture of the clothes is no matching with the price; consumers will be hesitate of buying

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