Writing Process Of Writing The Three Assigned Essays

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In my experience of essay writing, I was always given topics and a focus for the essay. But within this class, I was given the flexibility to write about a topic of my choosing; this made and endless list of possibilities. The parameters were set by the rubrics and overall career based topic, but it allotted me the chance to creatively and effectively write. Throughout the process of writing the three assigned essays (compare/contrast, cause/effect, and research), I have gained a new prospective on formulating my ideas into a well written essay. I expanded my writing process immensely through the construction of the compare/contrast, cause/effect, and research essays.
During the construction of my compare/contrast essay I had multiple writing processes that helped me complete my paper effectively. The first helpful activity was the free writing on our essay topic. I had written about “Psychology versus Sociology” and found that it was too broad of a topic. The next assignment was the outline worksheet which helped me create a block by block essay or point by point essay. My first topic was “Nature vs Nurture”, subjects “psychology and sociology”, and the three main points “study, process, and responsibility”. By creating different variations of these very broad topics I was able to formulate my narrowed down topic and thesis statement, “Behavior is originated through nature and nurture; they intertwine throughout careers, relationships, and personal lifestyles”. In…

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