Writing Is Not Just A Basic Skill Essay

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In the beginning of the semester, we were asked several questions relating to “Writing Is Not Just a Basic Skill”, a commentary by Mark Richardson. When I had finished answering all the questions, I was confused. So many other students were agreeing that writing was not a basic skill. I was writing essays since I was nine and writing was never hard for me. I seemed to have been the only student confident enough about their writing to say that it is a basic skill. My goal since the first 1302 essay, was to write every essay to the best of my abilities to prove writing is not situational. Writing is a basic skill; however, it depends on the writer and the Critic to really determine if a piece of writing is good.
I have always thought writing was a basic skill. When I was asked about my feelings towards writing, I always felt like it was something natural for me and that I could write about anything. The only struggle I faced when it came to writing was the topics. No I do not consider myself to be a perfect writer because “writing involves abilities we develop over our lifetimes” (Richardson). However, if you ask me to write an argumentative or persuasive essay, I will write a great essay and get my point across. Maybe my structure wasn’t the best nor my choice of words, but I got my main idea across. That’s is one thing I loved about the state exams, the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness exam, that public schools have to take. In the essays for the English…

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