Writing As An Obstacle For Me Essay

759 Words Sep 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Writing has always posed as an obstacle for me; writing lengthy essays, short stories, or about uninteresting prompts has never been one of my strong suits. Though I’ve never had a bad experience while writing, it has never interested me or provided me with any “stress relief” as it may do to others. Some of my difficulties include unable to start writing, organization of ideas, and just overall lack of interest in the given topic. On the flip side, I do have a strong understanding of incorporating reliable textual evidence into my writing, developing strong and sufficient amounts of important details, and grabbling the reader’s attention by developing a strong introduction
Starting an essay is one of the most difficult tasks for a college student. Once started, I am able to develop a suburb introduction. Millions of combinations of words to start out and the student is expected to pick the introduction that captures the reader’s attention the most effectively. Personally, I go through fifteen different introductions before I pick the most sufficient one for my essay topic. Though this is the most difficult piece of the essay, it probably is the most emotional and “attention grabbing” to the reader.
After jumpstarting my essay, I begin to piece together my gumbled mess of ideas. I stare at the computer screen like a young child starting at a 500-piece puzzle; I don’t know how to even begin piecing my ideas together. Because of this, many of my essays are disorganized and…

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