Write An Essay About My Relationship

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Ben and I met when I started my teaching rounds at Black Rock in 2006. Initially, we were both in relationships when we met and I didn’t get to know him very well until the end of the year when I was got the job at Black Rock for the following year. I started to attend more social events and thought he was a funny guy.
I got to know him well when we both went through break-ups of our previous relationships. We had both been in long-term relationships and could relate to what each other were going through. We started to grow closer but as we worked together we didn’t want to rush into anything because it could become awkward if anything was to go wrong. At the beginning we kept things very low-key but found we had a similar sense of humour and enjoyed the time we spent together.
We spent a lot of time together during the summer of 2007/2008. I was renting an apartment in Elwood and Ben and I started spending a lot of time as a two instead of in a group setting. We slowly introduced each other to our family and friends from outside of school. Ben has always made me feel happy, safe and secure. I know he puts my happiness first and does so we a great deal of thought and consideration. If we were in
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From the little things that Ben does every day like making me a cup of tea each morning to major events such as Ben proposing in Central Park. Our wedding day was one of my favourite days, as was buying our first house. That day we decided I would stay in the car around the corner because we knew that the real estate agent would be to take one look at me and know I wanted the house. Whereas Ben was able to be contained and keep a poker face. My dad and step mum came along to help and Di would come back to give me reports of what was happening. We ended up going into negotiations after the auction and came away having bought the place. It was a great feeling to share that news with all our friends and

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