Personal Narrative: My Teaching Round At Black Rock

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Ben and I met when I started my teaching rounds at Black Rock in 2006. Initially, we were both in relationships when we met and I didn’t get to know him very well until the end of the year when I was got the job at Black Rock for the following year. I started to attend more social events and thought he was a funny guy.
I got to know him well when we both went through break-ups of our previous relationships. We had both been in long-term relationships and could relate to what each other were going through. We started to grow closer but as we worked together we didn’t want to rush into anything because it could become awkward if anything was to go wrong. At the beginning we kept things very low-key but found we had a similar sense of humour
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I have always cringed when I have heard stories about girls spelling out how they want to be proposed to or giving an ultimatum or timeline of when they want to be proposed to by. I don’t think that putting that kind of pressure on someone is going to be a healthy thing. Ben and I both have parents that have separated so we never took the decision to marry lightly. I also think, as beautiful as Ben made our engagement and as amazing as our wedding was, we kept those events in proportion to the fact that marriage is the major factor and that it is not something that I would want to rush into without looking beyond a wedding. Ben and I shared our hopes for our future and realised we wanted very similar things. When writing our vows we decided we wanted to hear them for the first time on the day of our wedding. We shared them with our celebrant and she looked over them to check that they shared a similar tone. She wrote back to us that maybe Ben could include one or two funny parts as he had gone the serious route, which I was a little surprised by, as humour is normally in his repertoire. When I heard them on the day, the words he had written, were beautiful and heart-felt and something I will always

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