Essay Worst Leadership Experience

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Worst Leadership Experience

My worst leadership experience occurred in a hospital when my mother was hospitalized in Bangkok for her liver transplantation in 2009. Due to liver failure, my mother felt breathless even after walking a short distance and tired after talking continuously just for a few minutes. As the eldest in the family, I had to take the leadership role by taking all the responsibilities of seeing out my mother’s various medical investigations in the hospital.
Liver transplant operation was carried out by the well-known surgeon and the operation was a success. But, my mother was unable to breathe on her own anymore after operation because her lungs cannot supply enough oxygen into the body. The surgeon decided my mother
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Without seeking advice from others, I confronted the doctor and threatened to hold him and hospital responsible for any consequences if something happened to my mother. At first, he was completely stunned with my sudden outburst and gradually he too lost his composure. Understandably, he was furious because someone like me dared to talk back to him questioning his medical practices and ethics. He asked me to close my mouth and keep quiet for not knowing anything about the true condition of my mother and I talked back to him accusing him of being a fake doctor. From that moment on, things began to get out of control and I started to use vulgar words to accuse him of his wrong medical practices. The altercation between us was going on and finally the nurses in the unit informed the unpleasant situation to the head of the hospital. Doctors from the various wards came down and tried to diffuse the tension between me and the doctor.
The news of the conflict had spread quickly and the following day I was called in by the surgeon and warned me that my behavior towards the doctor was not acceptable. He emphasized there were other serious patients in the ward and I should have behaved better in these circumstances. He then clarified that the ward doctor genuinely had acted in the best interest of the patient and I should not bear any doubt whatsoever in

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