Essay on Worldview : Personal Portfolio, Philosophy And Religion

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Worldview: Personal Portfolio Philosophy and Religion:
Before Humanities 210, how would you have described the philosophies that influenced your processes for decision making, thinking, and developing preferences? How would you have described your level of conscious choice of and commitment to these philosophies? What helped form or develop the belief in that philosophy? After class discussions, have you had any realizations or made any changes in regards to the philosophies that influences your decisions, actions, or preferences? Has your level of conscious choice to these philosophies changed? Why or why not?
Before I was able to attend Humanities 2010, I was not a big believer in any religion. I was slowly becoming a large believer that there was no God or form of god. My through process before this class would be described as flakey, unconventional, and odd. I never wanted to read any form of religion, I just never wanted to hear about everyone else’s opinion. After being in Humanities 210, I now realize that expressing your believes in a religion, even if they aren’t conventional, is perfectly OK. My level of conscious choice has changed very much. Even if there are people who do not agree with you, does not mean that you cannot believe that. I spend a lot more of my time praying and reading the Bible. I have always been very opinionated and strong-willed in my thoughts. Once I took that leap into finally knowing that it is OK to believe in your different…

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