DBQ Essay On Philosophy And Religion

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Philosophy and religion greatly impacted daily life in various civilizations such as India and China in a vast amount of ways. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Islamic religions show this impact, evidently.
In india, hinduism had changed the way people lived. There was an idea spread through many religions but mostly came from hinduism, reincarnation. Reincarnation was the cycle of rebirth and how your spirit or soul, travels from one body to the next and what body, depends on how you behave in the current life. This severely impacted a vast majority because it, in a way, controlled how they behaved, how they acted to themselves, and especially to others. Two things that affected reincarnation were karma and dharma, Karma is the sum of actions in one's past life that decides the fate of their future one. Dharma is a list of spiritual duties one must fulfil within their present life in order to reach moksha (salvation or freedom of the soul) alas, only priests or nobles who pray and meditate enough are told that they can achieve this. Thus, it has power over a person's actions or at least directs them towards making consequential choices.
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A more direct yet similar example of this is “Ahimsa” which is teached in Jainism. Jainism is a religion in which people are taught not to be greedy, violent, etc. Ergo, it impacted the daily lives of many because it controlled their diet, behaviour and

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