World War I And The Treaty Of Versailles Essay

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World War I was one of the bloodiest wars in the modern age, with millions of dead soldiers and civilians and enormous losses on all sides (Chapman). After the war, the Allied nations looked for vengeance from the Central Powers and imposed a series of harsh treaties upon them, stripped them of substantial amounts of land and requiring significant repatriation payments (Mendum). The many of the Allied nations saw Germany as the chief instigator of the war and wanted to protect Europe from another war with Germany by crushing the country with retribution payments and severe obligations (Baker). Their solution was the Treaty of Versailles, negotiated at the Palace of Versailles during the Paris Peace Conference and included 440 clauses that hoped to help the countries that were devastated in the wake of World War I and also to encourage peace (Baker; Chapman). The treaty was widely debated and criticized at its time and, to this day, is considered a failed document (Mendum). During the Paris Peace Conference, thirty-two nations met to draw up a treaty; however, the peace terms could not be debated and agreed upon with so many nations present (Chapman). As a result, most of the work was done by the delegates of France, Britain, and the United States, with the Italian delegate, Vittorio Orlando, sometimes being included (Chapman). All three of the nations had diverging interests and goals for the treaty. Georges Clemenceau, who was the prime minister and representative of…

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