World History And Composition II Essay

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Carmen Garcia
Ms. Treesara / Mr.Bilsky
World History / Composition II
5 June 2016

Genocide Essay
Talat Pasha once said, “The only way to dispose of the Armenian question is to kill the Armenian.” Those who agreed with Talat statement were obsessed with the idea of exterminating all the Armenian people. The Turkey genocide should be considered a genocide because it followed the 10 stages of genocide. The genocide was between the Turkish and the Armenians. Massacres occurred, massive killings were made, and millions of Armenians died.
Classification is the first stage of genocide. It is when society has multiple racial, ethnic political or religious groups. Cultures have categories to distinguish people into “us and them” based on their race. In Turkey, the Turkish targeted the Christian ethnic groups such as Assyrians and the Ottoman Greeks. The Ottoman Turks (Muslims) and the Armenians (non-Muslim and Christians) were separated from each other. To tell these two groups apart more efficient they put them into categories. In this case, the Armenian Christians were one of many ethnic groups in the Ottoman Empire, they were casted out the most. They were the ones getting targeted by the Turkish.
Symbolization is when one powerful group gives another group certain names and or symbols to be able to be recognized also known as “hate symbols.” When hate exists with two groups, names and symbols are how they would get the hateful messages…

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