Essay On Khojaly Genocide

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“Khojaly Genocide”
This essay tells how the city of Khojaly with population of 7000 people was targeted by Armenian armed forces in February 1992. Armenian armed forces that were helped by 366th CIS regiment destroyed Khojaly city. 613 innocent people were killed, among them there were 63 children, 106 women.
The goal is to show the brutal actions of Armenian armed forces against Azerbaijanis who were unarmed and killed with brutality. They were burned alive, heads were cut off, had eyes taken out, pregnant women were stabbed in the abdomen. This event became the largest massacre in the course of this conflict. Upon examination of this event, it becomes clear that Armenian brutality was to gain strategic and psychological advantage
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There was unnecessary use of force by Armenians because they wanted to get psychological advantage over Azerbaijan. This attack can never be militarily justified because it gave no military advantage to Armenia. Armenians also claim that there was a corridor left for people who wanted to leave the town peacefully. But in real people were killed while leaving town through that corridor. This was just a trap to kill people. Question arises that if there was a corridor open then why people were killed while leaving the town peacefully and were unarmed. The claim of humanitarian corridor by Armenians is totally baseless and opposite to situation at that time.
On the other hand some of the Armenians admitted the guilt. According to Markar Melkonian, the brother of the Armenian military leader Monte Melkonian, "Khojaly had been a strategic goal, but it had also been an act of revenge."
Anatol Lieven wrote in The Times after visiting the site of the massacre: " Of the 31 we saw, only one policeman and two apparent national volunteers were wearing uniform. All the rest were civilians, including eight women and three small children. Two groups, apparently families, had fallen together, the children cradled in the women’s arms. Several of them, including one small girl, had terrible head injuries: only her face was left. Survivors have told how they saw Armenians shooting them point blank as they lay on the

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