Relationship Between Racism And Genocide

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How can racism influence genocide? Racism can exist without genocide so it does not actually lead to genocide. The real question is can genocide exist without racism? First there needs to be a clear definition of these two terms. Racism can be defined in many ways. It is the idea that ones race, ethnicity, or nationality is superior to another race, nationality, or ethnicity. In cases of genocide White’s (2009) definition of racism is more appropriate, it is any activity by individuals, groups, institutions, or cultures that abuse other human beings because of their physical appearance, and ethnicity and then try to rationalize that treatment by attributing to them undesirable biological, psychological, social or cultural characteristics (p.471). …show more content…
In cases of genocide there needs to be some type of ethnic or racial division in a country to carry out this crime against a specific group. It will be proven that racism is the cause of these divisions within a country that is already suffering leading to factors of why that particular country experienced genocide. In other findings there has been a correlation between racism and genocide. Scapegoating is a method that was found that proves the theory about racism and genocide. It will be introduced to prove that economic instability, coups, and propaganda influenced these hateful views and crimes against that particular nationality, race, or ethnicity. There are two genocides in particular that share these characteristics: The Rwandan genocide and the Holocaust. Data produced from this study of these two genocides will be used to show that genocide cannot exist without …show more content…
European superiority and racist practices were influenced on the Hutus and Tutsi people. Tutsi minority claimed that they were superior than the Hutus majority based on physical features. When the majority overthrew the minority they kept their division. Scapegoating and coups are two other elements that support my theory about racism and genocide. Scapegoating led to propaganda against the Tutsi people and the death of the Hutu president led them to a genocide.
The Holocaust had similar experiences that Rwanda had when determining the theory about racism and genocide. The Holocaust was an ethnic cleansing of Jews carried out by Nazi Germans. Like Rwanda, Germany had suffered severe economic instability leading to the rise of Nazis that blamed Jews for their misfortune. There was racist propaganda spread through Germany about Jews. There was a racial policy claiming that Jews, Slavs, blacks, and gypsies are the racially inferior. This ultimately led to the segregation and genocide of the racially

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