Working With Stress : An Event That Has Changed The Way You Think, Mindfulness, And Attitude

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I found Dr. Evans’ unusual approach to explaining how to deal with stress to be creative and easy to understand. Overall, Dr. Evans provided three areas to focus on in order to assist one with reducing stress, which were changing the way you think, mindfulness and attitude (Evans, 2012). The first message that I could personally benefit from was the quote he shared from Dr. William James, “The greatest weapon against stress is in our ability to choose one thought over another.” Dr. Evans (2012) explains that we have the power to decide will our focus be placed on a negative thought or will it be placed on a positive thought. Additionally, he explains that we have to change the way we think (Evans, 2012). Dr. Evans supports this by explaining it is not an event that is stressful, but it is how we think about these events. In addition to changing our thought process, Dr. Evans explains the importance of mindfulness. Utilizing mindfulness techniques can assist one with reducing stress by refocusing one’s attention. Thus, a big component with this technique is the ability to let go of worry and to place your attention on the here and now. In the past, I found it very difficult not to ruminate on negative thoughts, until I realized that these negative thoughts had a way of making me feel trapped and anxious. Lastly, Dr. Evans nicely wraps up the “90:10 The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do for Your Stress” video by explaining the 90-10 rule. Dr. Evans (2012) explains…

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