Essay about Working A Couple Days By Costa Rica

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Working a couple days ago I realized how much I took my breaks off from school for granted, and this got me thinking about what I have done on the vacations I have taken during these breaks. Every year my parents take a four day to weeklong vacation somewhere in the Caribbean or Central America, and every other year I go along with them. Vacationing in a foreign country is a very interesting time for sure, and having been to Mexico three times (all in resorts), Costa Rica twice (once in a resort, and once in a rent house), The Dominican Republic (In a Condo we rented), Belize (Living in a rented house with an in-house guide), and Jamaica (in a resort as well) I have plenty of experiences and stories to tell of our trips. This is simply a paper for one who would like to know what could be found going on vacation in and around the Caribbean Sea. These have always been very important parts of my life because of the various wonderful activities we have taken, the types of food we have found, and the people of these locations.
First, I will speak on some of the activities we have taken part in while on vacation. The most recent memory that comes to mind is riding ATV’s (Four-Wheelers) on a 3 hour ride up a mountain trail. We started off by meeting at the ATV place and made our way through town on the ATV’s. Eventually, we reached the access paths and started our up-hill climb to the mountain top. The slopes on this mountain path were incredibly terrifying to go down; while going…

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