Women Should Be In The Military Essay

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Women should be in military For centuries, the discrimination, gender inequality narrowed the role of women within the family. Throughout the history of United States, women have fought relentlessly just to be treated fairly. It was not until the 19th century, when their voices were finally heard and women got the respect that they have always desired. Women nowadays are free to vote, speak and work just like men. Despite the tireless dedication, women still somehow does not get the recognition in many areas, especially in the military. For years, there have been thousands of debates about whether women should be allowed to fight in combat or not. They work as hard as men, willing to risk their life for the country but there are people
Despite the fact that women have been serving in the military since 1775, there are people still believe that women should be excluded from the ground combat and gives many reasons to prove their opinion. They argue that women do not have the physical ability and mental toughness like men have. They lack
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One of the seven principles of the US Constitution is that everyone has the freedom to pursue their own happiness. Prohibit the participation of women in the military because of their gender is an act against the principles of freedom and justice, which the United States has proposed. That means this country is a lie. Everyone has the rights to choose what he or she wants to do, as long as it is not illegal, then just go for it. When discuss deep into the issue, there were people said that women today take precedence over men in many aspects of society. For example, should women be drafted or not? The answer is obviously yes. If the war happens, both men and women have the same responsibilities to protect the country. Women have fought for the right to be treated equal as men, so that there are no reasons they can stay home and give the hard work for men when

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