Woman Health Nurse Practitioner Essay

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Woman Health Nurse Practitioner Over the past decade the nursing field has experienced a growth in demand. Hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and or other health providers have increasingly scouted to employ the best nurses. This growth has also pushed for nurses to seek upgrading their careers status; they do so by choosing a specialty. Specialties vary to include from pediatrics to adult health. The specialty I chose to discuss is women’s health nurse practitioner. There is an educational process involve to be able to become a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP). First, a registered nurse (RN) must earn a master’s degree from an accredited college. The interested RN must enroll in a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) …show more content…
However, WHNP’s are well respected and regarded almost as doctors. Those who specialized as women’s health nurse practitioners emphasize their career in providing female patience services modeling those of a gynecologist. This main objective of WHNP is to provide primary care to women to include pre-natal care. This primary care can be delivered to the female patients from adolescence to old age. WHNP job descriptions include to analyzed and interpret patients histories, symptoms, physical findings. WHNP like gynecologist, which are truly medical doctors (MDs), also use these diagnostic data to develop their diagnosis. WHNP are specialized and certified to consult patients on behalf of the supervisor gynecologist. They are also able to consult patience on their drug regimen and even modify their substance intake with gynecologist consent. Perhaps the most important function of a WHNP is that they are able to diagnose or treat acute care issues. In conclusion, the nursing field demand has increase over the years making nurses sought a specialty. More and more medical clinics are looking for specialize nurses, rather than just a regular RN. By seeking a specialty the nurse will increase their income, as well as their chance to obtaining a career in their medical field preferred. As a women’s health nurse practitioner, they have a deeper advantage than other NPs because of their expertise.


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