Essay about Witchcraft : A Fast Growing Religion

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Wicca is a fast growing religion, up to a couple 100,000s identifying themselves as witches in America (Goldman). Wicca is the modern interpretation of the ancient practice of witchcraft that started before the pre- Christian era. Nowadays Wicca is recognized as a religion but is not widely accepted in America. Witchcraft has had its fair share of hate early on, a prominent massacre being the Salem Witch Craft Trials. Along with the hate the community receives, they also face demeaning stereotyping. The modern witchcraft practice along with the Wicca religion are wrongly persecuted and misinterpreted because of their ties with ancient witchcraft and are now targeted by the media with stereotypes and hate crimes.
Witchcraft has had a negative connotation since ancient times. Witchcraft is rooted out of paganism before the Christian era. Paganism is believing in several gods and goddesses, opposite to Christianity’s one god. Witches were not always hunted down, they began to be persecuted once Catholicism rose and began to rapidly spread across Europe. European Christian considered these pagans “agents of the devil who wanted to destroy the Church and work evil upon God’s people” (“Witchcraft: A Brief History”). Women were the first stereotype of a witch. Women were mostly targeted by the rest of the community, especially if the woman was a widow. Many people of the community targeted women who did not act “normal” according to them, nowadays that would be an unacceptable…

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