Windows Server Essay

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CMIT 369 7981 Installing and Configuring Windows Server

Windows Server Proposal Worldwide Advertising Inc.


Wordwide Advertising Inc. is a newly established advertising firm will require a server environment to manage a starting staff of 90 employees and various roles required to manage their network. Windows Server 2012 will be installed to manage the following server roles. Exchange to manage company email, Active Directory to manage the domain to include users, computers, groups, sub domains, DHCP and DNS, file and print sharing, cloud storage, as well as backup solutions. There will be two locations which will require inter-site connectivity through a secure tunnel. The site in Los Angeles will
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It is faster than typical VPN connections and provides off-site access to file shares, on-premises equipment, and other resources.


A hybrid DHCP infrastructure will be used with relay agents. This solution would be a main and backup DHCP solution at the LA office. By using NAT, there will be enough room for growth within the company.

Active Directory

At Worldwide Advertising there will be a domain controller at each site . The main domain controller and backup domain controller will be at the Los Angeles office and a Read Only Domain Controller (RODC) at the branch office for efficiency.
The parent domain is and the child domains will be and Departments have been established as organizational units containing all employees at both sites. Organizational units will include each of the departments as well as users and groups. Organizational units will be global due to multiple locations. NTFS and share permissions will be configured to prevent private data to include personnel data and financial data from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Application Server

The Application Server uses Web server support through Internet Information Services (IIS) to host internal or external Web sites and Web services that communicate over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). This includes support for applications that are built on Microsoft ASP.NET that can be accessed

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