William Zinsser 's College Pressure Essay

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In this essay “College Pressure” William Zinsser’s discusses the most important pressures that college students faced. He focuses on four main pressures that he believe that college students are suffering from, which are economic pressure , parental pressure , peer pressure and self-induced pressure. Zinsser feels that all these pressures effect negatively in student’s life. He said that he wish for all students is some release all students is some release from the clammy grip of the future. I wish them a chance to savor each segment of their education as an experience in itself and not as a grim preparation for the next step. I wish them the right to experiment, to trip and fall, to learn that defeat is as instructive as victory and is not the end of the world. College life can be stressful .College students are under different type of pressure .Some of pressure can be dangerous, as others can have advantage. The first pressure college students faced is economic pressure. In “College Pressure” William Zinsser writes, “Today it not unusual for student for a student, even if he works part-time at college and full-time during the summer, to accrue $5,000 in loans after four years -- loans that he must start to repay within one year after graduation “(383).What Zinner means is that even a students are working hard to get money, they still won’t be able to cover all their tution.I agree with Zinsser that there is a lot of economic pressure. Today, costs of private school…

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