William Shakespeare 's Othello - Female Strength Essay

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Female Strength in Othello The sixteen hundreds is a time where women were normally depicted as weak, and sexism was rampant among society but some plays showed went against the norm and portrayed women as strong capable people. One of these plays, Othello written by Shakespeare featured a couple of strong female characters such as Desdemona and Emilia forced to fair against the manipulative plots of Iago. Iago manipulates Othello to fire Cassio, his lieutenant and makes him believe that Desdemona cheated on Othello With Cassio leading to her death at the hands of Othello. Iago also causes Emilia’s death when she stood up to him at the end of the play. Despite Desdemona and Emilia’s death their strength is clearly shown as rising above Othello’s, and even Cassio’s strength. There are different types of strength, some being physical and others being mental. The women in Othello are stronger in both mental strength and emotion strength in comparison to some of the men, surpassing them by having trust when the men were suspicious, kindness when they were cruel, and bravery when they were afraid. This strength lets the audience view women as equals instead of lesser beings. As all characters in Othello, the women have faults but Desdemona and Emilia exceed in what the male characters lack, emotional and mental strength.

One of Othello’s main female character is Emilia, Iago 's wife. Emilia is a loyal servant to Desdemona…

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