William A. Henry IIi Essay

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Many adults today are exhilarated when their child graduates from high school and gets accepted into college. Former reporter and critic, William A. Henry III, has a very different outlook on colleges. William A. Henry III argues that within the concept of egalitarianism, we as The United States of America, have lowered the standards and have accepted too many “mediocres” into college. From Henry’s knowledge not everyone is ready for college. William Henry believes that if we cut the amount of students that get into college in half then it would be even harder for students to be accepted to college, decreasing the amount of colleges throughout the world. Benjamin R. Barber is the author of “Excerpt from ‘America Skips School,’” in which he exposes the hypocrisy of the older generation. Along with exposing the older generation, Barber also shows how we as the Americans cannot afford to put the younger generation’s education to the side because they are the future in the American democracy. Whereas William A. Henry III speaks nothing of social political context in his article. One of the important main functions of society is higher education. In college most of the critical thinking skills are taught to students, instead of in high school. To a successful democracy, critical thinking skills are salient. The democracy is operated by the people. There are so many different issues and opinions being thrown to the leaders and they need to be able to use their critical thinking…

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