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A quarter of your life is spent sleeping, you think you sleep because your body is tired but do you know the real reason you sleep? The answer is quite simple you need sleep to live (Hauri 20).Aside from keeping you alive sleep has many benefits including, removing toxins from your body. Just as having the right amount of sleep benefits you, being deprived of sleep has many consequences. Sleeping seems like a simple task but it is actually quite complicated, there are many factors to falling asleep such as the 3 stages of sleep. For some people sleeping isn 't such an easy task, sometimes people have sleeping disorders such as insomnia.

Aside from getting rid of bags under your eyes your body does magnificent thing while you sleep. One
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Although these all-nighters seem harmless what you don 't know is how much your body suffers because of them. Some studies show that children who do not get enough sleep during their preschool years are more likely to have parent reported hyperactivity in their kindergarten years (Mahoney 1).other studies have linked obesity to losing sleep. For example in one study lasting 36.6 years people who slept 7 hours a day had a 70% higher bmi (body mass index) than those who slept 9 or more hours(Mahoney 1).another interesting effect of sleep deprivation happens to men. Men with lower level of sleep waves are 80% more at risk of developing high blood pressure ("Poor Sleep Quality Raises Risk of High Blood Pressure." 1).another thing effecting by sleep deprivation includes endocrine and metabolic functions also known as the parts of your body keeping you alive(haurin 8).sleep deprivation can also cause cardiovascular dysfunctions that can lead to heart failure in the future(Hauri 8).one last thing caused by sleepless nights is memory loss even not sleeping for one night can mess up you memorie for the rest of your life(Hauri 20).all though not sleeping may seem harmless it can cause long term effects it is in your best interest to get the necessary hours of …show more content…
For example many people in the US experience some sort of sleeping disorder thought there lifetime. The most commonly reported sleeping disorder is insomnia. What is insomnia you ask? “Insomnia is defined as chronic complaint of unsatisfactory sleep, despite having an adequate opportunity to sleepy.”(Hauri 1). Some symptoms of insomnia include not being able to fall asleep, not being able to stay asleep, waking up early, and most commonly not having good night’s sleep. (Hauri 1). Insomnia is majorly affected by age, for example teens have trouble falling asleep whereas adults have trouble staying asleep (hauri 1).other less common sleep disorders are Cardian rhythm disorders. these disorders involve ones internal clock the most common cardian rhythm disorder is shift work disorder that is experienced by those who work late night or early morning shifts(hauri 3).parasomnia is a sleep disorder in which weird things begin to happen while you sleep for example sleep related movements, behaviors, emotions ,perceptions ,day dreams, and seep paralysis(hauri 3). A common disorder in older people is obstructive sleep apnea were a person’s airway collapses or is backed up and causes pauses in breathing disrupting sleep. this affects more than 4 million American’s (hauri 3).the final commonly know sleep disorder is excessive sleepiness disorder this disorder causes tiredness that affects your productivity and quality

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