Why You Should Stop Drinking Milk Analysis

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In the article Why You Should Stop Drinking Milk, wrote by a student studying Public Relations at the University of Texas, Leonor Martins’ main focus is to warn her readers on not only the harm dairy milk does to the human body, but also the maltreatment of the producing cows. The emphasis on the health concerns pertaining to ingredients found in dairy milk and the mistreatment of the farm cattle is organized into a distressing warning. It seems that the audiences that Ms. Martins is targeting are health conscious consumers and animal right activists that might get just as shocked by the topic.
At first, attention is attained with the use of buzzwords and style that conveys a disturbing caution towards dairy milk drinkers. Leonor Martins is also efficient with using pathos as well to informatively persuade. However, even through Ms. Martins’ holds a strong passion against the industry, the lack of evidence and credibility fail to stimulate the reader’s ethos within the text. In addition, with the deficiency of research, there are also multiple fallacies throughout the whole piece.
Through Ms. Martins’ language and style used in Why You Should Stop Drinking Milk, she effectively captivates interest and sets the desired tone. To begin, the title attracts quick attention with its simplicity. The four main
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Then, the writer begins to use examples that touch personal values. In the sentence, “A glass of milk contains many disturbing ingredients, such as bovine growth hormone, feces, and antibiotics”, Ms. Martins directly frightens readers that may drink milk. Also, in the line, “When the cow gives birth, her baby is violently taken away from her (leaving the traumatized calf screaming for the mother, and most times too weak to survive)”, the moral of animal rights begin to upset the audience. Ms. Martins does a suitable job in using pathos to maintain not only the audience’s interest but also

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