Why We Should Have Been Meeting You Any Minute Now? Essay

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All it takes is one.

We should have been meeting you any minute now. The world says not to talk about you. It makes people uncomfortable. With all the over-sharing that our society has created (sonogram pictures, week-to-week baby bumps with varying degrees of clothing, delivery room and birthing posts (and videos), the-look-at-my-kid-every-four-hour s-post-after-post , naked babies and toddlers, potty training and worse, dirty diaper posts, etc., etc.), you would think sharing that you existed would be okay. But, you are what is taboo. The silence surrounding you is unbearable, especially today. I cannot continue not acknowledging you and swallowing my grief. I am overwhelmed with the need to break the silence and feel urged to shout it from the rooftops.

I was pregnant. I was pregnant one week shy of 12 weeks. We had just taken our first family picture with you for our pending announcement. We were ecstatic. One hour past the end of my first unofficial Mother 's Day, I awoke in a paralyzing panic. I was having contractions. I was in labor. Three painful hours later, you left me.

Today would have been your due date. It might have been your birthday. I was born on the 29th, as was your Uncle Tyler and your late Grandmother Annie. Not a day goes by that we have not thought of you and grieved your absence. We grieve what could have been, what would have been. We continue to walk this earth with a hole in our hearts. Keeping track of time is simple. It is either before,…

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