Why We Need For Saving Money Essays

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Thousands of years ago, ancestors used horses to deliver the message to other tribes when it is necessary. Chinese warriors used fire to light up the great wall passing signals to camps from hundred miles away. Nowadays, thanks to the technology that people no longer have to waste time on the trip for one message or a letter. After the mobile phone has published to the public, it becomes one of the necessities that people use and carry every day. The message is one of the most efficient applications on the phone, and it helps people finish jobs quicker and notify others when the person is not able to speak over the phone.Texting not only can make human life much convenient, it could save budget, time, and also make people have more connection to each other when they have distance. Saving money serves an important role in people’s life because everything in the world was circulating with finance which means people need to pay for them. When people use texting to connect with others, not only it cost little but also help people save money. Furthermore, as Free-WiFi and internet messages were populated, which give users easier access to text online, people could connect the WiFi to free message online at any time and everywhere. Texting online does a favor to help people save money. On the other hand, sending a text cost less data quantity than using the Facetime or online calling such as Skype, which making a 30 minutes telephone would spend 100mb data. In…

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