Why University Is A Life Changing Factor Essay

828 Words Dec 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Going to University is a life changing factor. University education is a necessity for all society. When student go to University, they will develop their knowledge very well and they will know what’s good and bad for their life. They will also achieve their dreams. Most of the time young student does not have the motivation to go to University because teenager can easily distract by a lot of things like by their lover, movie etc. Therefore, most students believe that University should be optional. However, I believe that University student should be required to attend classes to get a better motivation, knowledge, and corporate with classmates. First, some people argue that going to classes should be optional for student. They said that, student cannot be available all the time. I believe that most student have a lot of reasons that makes them not attend school regularly. However, I disagree with their point because when students attend school regularly, they can get additional knowledge from their instructors and it’s a good way for students to develop their knowledge. For example, when they go to school every day they will do homework’s regularly, and doing homework’s make students perfect, or they will gain Knowledge. Moreover, they practice their responsibility and disciplines in their study. Because when student go to school regularly they try to attend class on time and that shows that they feel responsible. And being responsibility makes them prepare for their…

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