Should Government Help College Students?

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The United States is suffering an academic decline for the middle class families and families who are lower. Many students in financial need must spend a portion of their time taking on part time jobs while studying, while other students must worry about the loans that they have collected and how they are going to pay it off after graduation. The government meets minimal needs to help students in financial need to help pay off their college tuition and that college costs are becoming a factor that pushes students away from a higher education. While the government currently does not meet the standard to help pay students’ college tuition, it can be beneficial in the long run if the government spends a minority of tax dollars to help students …show more content…
“On average, a doctoral degree-holder will earn $3.3 million over a lifetime, compared to $2.3 million for a college graduate and $1.3 million for those with a high school diploma” (Hsu). If the government supplies high school graduates their needs to attend and graduate college then they will be more independent on the government in the future. If all the high school graduates attend college then they will be better off financially and will not need government assistance such as medical insurance, food stamps and so on. People against this will say that not all college students will be better off but “People with a bachelor’s degree make 84% more over a lifetime than high school graduates” (Hsu). So on average, students with a college education will almost make twice as much as a high school graduate. Even if some students will not make it, many students can make it and the more needy people who were not successful are able to receive the aid that they need. If the government will not aid students who are in financial need then the students will be dependent on government aid and even more tax dollars will be used on the individuals rather than the individuals being independent and paying more tax dollars for the government to run the United

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