Why The Nursing Shortage Is The Requirement For Higher Education

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Many occupations and trades have been around for countless years- framers, carpenters, physicians- while other occupations are newer and still advancing such as nursing. The nursing field has been around since the late 19th century and has since advanced tremendously. At first nursing was not recognized as a worthy field and was reserved for “prostitutes, women of ill repute, or members of religious orders”. (Arends lecture 2) In light of Florence Nightingales unyielding drive to help those in need, nursing is now recognized as a worthy and demanded field. Yet, nurses continue to be in short supply. One reason for the nursing shortage is the requirement for higher education,With an “increasingly diverse and aging population” (Tri-Council, 2010) more nurses are needed to care for patients. The first step in becoming a nurse is attending an accredited nursing school and obtaining a nursing degree. There are a variety of nursing programs, ranging from a Graduates Degree to a Doctorate Degree in Nursings (DNP). Typically nursing students obtain either an Associates Degree of Nursing (ADN) or a Bachelor’s degree (BSN). Many nurses who obtain an ADN go on to continue their education by obtaining a BSN, while other ADN nurses do not pursue a higher degree. Instead, they are content completing their required Continuing Education courses (CEs) as needed to maintain their license. Recently there has been talk about making it standard for all nurses to obtain minimally a BSN prior…

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