Nursing Scarcities In Nursing

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As the amount of emergencies and accidents that occur around the world inflates, the number of nurses that care for the patients seem to be diminishing. Is it the fact that they get overworked too much? Is it because job morale just isn’t there anymore? Or maybe it is due to the fact that some nurse don’t get the proper training they require to have a higher survival rate of patients? No matter what reasons there are, in order to be able to take care of the population there needs to be a great number of properly trained nurses available. Imagine living in a world where there are no individual with knowledge of taking care of a sick or injured person; the death rate would probably exceed the living and birthing rate. Nursing scarcities in our …show more content…
The cause of this exhaustion and weariness sensation is due to obligatory late shift and long stressful hours. In fact, per Linda Aiken and cowriters, “Forty percent of hospital nurses have burnout levels that exceed the norms for health care workers”. This statement was given through a study Aiken and her coworkers conducted with a few hospitals and their nurses. An option employers can terminate nurse shortages is to reduce required overtime and prolonged hours. By reducing necessary and lengthy hours, nurses will have the rest and energy that they deserve and need to function properly and avoid mistakes. Linda Aiken and colleagues state, “Excessive use of overtime increases nurse injuries, including needlestick and musculoskeletal problems.” With this evidence that they retrieve it clarifies that overworking nurses do have negative effects. There is also proof from another study that there are unfavorable effects on extra work with staff nurses and nurse managers whether the overtime is mandated or voluntary (Bae). Nurse employers need to comprehend that without ample of rest the body can become more vulnerable to sickness and injuries, especially in a location where all those harmful bacteria exist. Envision what would happen to the care and service the sick or injured people receive from care givers if they too become the patients. There would be no one else to take care of the …show more content…
Even if there are currently more students interested in the nursing field, the nursing shortages will continue to exist. Timothy Snavely states, ““Equally as alarming as the decreasing supply of nurses is the expected increase in demand for them. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (2013) Employment Projections 2012-2022, registered nursing is one of the occupations with the highest projected job growth rate over the next decade. Furthermore, by 2022, 1.05 million new job openings for nurses are projected due to growth and replacement needs (qtd by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). This factual report proposes that even with time, nurse shortages will always be present no matter the circumstances. Some experts also believe that hiring more nurses rapidly will discontinue the shortages. Granted hiring nurse graduates more rapidly will definitely fill the slots of required nurses around the world, but the only issue with that solution is that there needs be a level of experience to provide a safe, liable, and efficient service to patients. Without the proper training for these new graduates, there will be less skilled nurses in the workforce. Others believe that some nurses prefer the overtime and long hours to get the extra income. However, many studies show that mandatory and even voluntary overtime

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