Why The Master Of Nursing / Clinical Nurse Leader Track Is The Best Fit For Me

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My specific interest in Western University lies in the focus of interprofessional learning. This is a unique and important factor that will tremendously expand my abilities in healthcare. While volunteering and working in healthcare facilities, I have seen how nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, physical and occupational therapists, and dietitians work together to deliver the best treatment course for the patients. I am excited to find out that Western University provides unparalleled curriculum with an exceptional team of professors and modern lab settings, both of which are critical for me when choosing a school. As the result, I believe the Master of Nursing/Clinical Nurse Leader track is the best fit for me. Through this personal statement, I hope to give you an introduction of myself and an overview of my experience in nursing.
Coming from a family with both parents being business owners, I did not have much exposure to the medical field except for occasional physical checkups. My parents are both hardworking professionals at the expense of their own health. As a kid, seeing them strain their physical and mental resources to provide for my family, I always had a desire to one day help them maintain their health. At age 14, I left Vietnam on my own to come to the US in search of better education. I found myself independently navigating through a new country. Once I became a freshman in college, without having a clear vision of a career path, I picked business…

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