Why Teenagers Should Be Taught Essay

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During my time in English 1A I was able to see some of my strength and weaknesses in my writing and reading as well; I also learned how to use them to make me a stronger reader and writer. I learned new things that will help me in my English classes and also some of my other future classes. During our English 125 class we sped through the class since it was compacted into six weeks so this class went over lots of those things I was not able to understand before. With explanations, assignments, and some of the handouts we received throughout the semester helped me grow as a writer, reader and even as a thinker.
During one of our class were asked to read an article which was an example of an argumentative essay discussing the different reasons teenagers should be taught how to drink responsibly instead of trying to keep them away from it. The article discussed her findings in her research and how her argument was important. After reading the article, we were asked to get in a group and answers some question. I enjoyed doing these throughout the semester because it allowed us to work with our peers and see what they interpreted from the article or readings that we were assigned. We were asked to answer questions such as, what was the purpose of the essay, who was the audience, what was the author trying to say and what was the style. After completing the assignment, we went over the article and questions as a class. This assignment was meant to make us realize what we were…

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