Why Students Graduation Rate Has Became A Top Policy Issue Among Educators

1787 Words Apr 8th, 2016 null Page
In today 's economy, where academic skills are praised, increasing the graduation rate has became a top policy issue among educators. High dropout rates associated with factors such as retention and socioeconomic status. Dropout programs address various risk factors associated with dropping out of high school.Dropping out of school is an issue faced by plenty of teens today. There are various of reasons why students want to dropout of school. Due to research students use dropping out of school as a way to escape from their problems.Numerous of students drop out for unbearable reasons such as, pregnancies, numerous absences, violence in the community, or needing more money. This bring the question to mind: is it the teachers fault students do not want to learn, or is it the parents fault for not setting great examples and allowing their child to not attend school. The teachers are here to help the students in anyway as possible as long as they are willing to learn. The parents should be more hard on students to go to school and make better of themselves instead of accepting the idea of dropping out. Many people like myself wonder why do students drop out of school? There are many reasons to why, but are they concrete reasons? Various thoughts came up to maybe why they would drop out of school. According to the article “ Why Students Drop Out: The Economics Pressures That Make Leaving School Unavoidable” written by John Rosales. In this article, a point caught a lot of…

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