Why Students Can Not Be Separated From Students Learning Process

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Writing is essential skill which must be mastered by students, all level of education. It is because writing is naturally needed by them in their daily life. The activity such as taking notes, doing exercises, and making reports of experiment. It is also the requirement for the graduation, it happens for college’s students. They must write a thesis or paper as their requirement. That’s why students can not be separated from students learning process.
Writing in every education level will have differences. In elementary, junior, and senior high school, students will learn the writing from the easy text to a difficult. Based on the 2013 Curriculum, in Junior High School students, they will learn how to write a simple descriptive text. Then, they will continue it into how to write an experience in the past. Look at these two level, make the author know that the students will learn how to write through the different level of writing.
On the other hand, In college, writing subject has the level. Based on the curriculum at English Department State University of Padang, writing subject has five stages or levels. They are paragraph writing, essay writing, academic writing, article writing, and paper thesis writing. Different stages or levels in college bring the students to improve their writing ability from nothing to something. The writing subject starts from how to a write a paragraph. It may be similar to high school’s writing. After the students can make a good paragraph,…

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