Why Should The Death Penalty Be Abolished

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Should the death penalty be abolished? The answer is a resonating, no. I say this because even though the death penalty in my mind is against what I believe about not killing humans, we have human killing other humans. So with that there must be a punishment that can help deter the murderers of this world not to kill. That is exactly what the death penalty does it helps deter someone from killing another person by threatening their own life by capital punishment. Now of course as with all other controversial topics not everyone is on board with this idea.
One of those people is named Michael Welch. Welch believes that the death penalty should be abolished. Welch also believes that there are two reasons for the dealt penalty, one being
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Gray really cuts into the real reasons here that we as “scared” people, the majority, are ok with the death penalty. It helps put to ease our minds that a person commits a crime, will be taken care of in a manner fitting to that of their crime.
In conclusion, the death penalty should not be abolished. “The death penalty question is often framed in utilitarian terms of net balance: rights of victims versus rights to life of the convicted” (House, 680). We as a society should keep in mind the rights of the victims. If we ourselves have never had to deal with someone murdering one of our family or friends who are we really to judge if the death penalty should be used or not used? Yet, we should have it though because it does work as deterrence and it should be an option, in the case of a heinous

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