Argument For Capital Punishment In The Book Of J By Harold Bloom

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The Book of J by Harold Bloom gives insight on the punishment of the murder committed by Cain unto his brother Abel because of the fierce jealousy he felt towards Abel when Yahweh showed more favoritism to Abel 's gift rather than Cain 's gift. Bloom presents the punishment of Yahweh as "Homeless you will be on the land, blown in the wind…..a warning not to kill [Cain] to any who may find him." Surprisingly the punishment given by Yahweh resembles a controversial debate known as the death penalty. The punishment represents how people feel towards the death penalty the ones who oppose it would want the criminal to be in isolation "Homeless" in a sense just as Yahweh condemned Cain to live in isolation as people do in prison serving a sentence. The people for the death penalty would want the criminal dead because just as in The Book of J, people knowing Yahweh turned his back on Cain for his crimes they would try to kill him or, in other words, want him dead. My goal in this paper is to briefly describe death penalty in Texas, the argument for capital punishment and my opinion against capital punishment.
The view of capital punishment in Texas is really enforced because Texas is seen as an individualistic state; if a person commits a crime worthy of death then the death penalty is what they should get that is what people in Texas believe. In 1819, Texas executes inmates on death row by hanging and in 1924 the
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Personally my opinion on the death penalty is that the law should be banned. The real question is whether we are doing right or wrong are we finding justice in executive people for the crimes they have committed or may not have committed. A famous quote I go by is "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" that doing the same thing or seeking revenge on these people that commit crimes makes us no better than the crime

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