Should We Legalize Animal Testing Necessary?

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Picture your family pet crying for help with puss oozing from its eyes and huge lumps covering its entire body. That is a normal day for the animals in a testing laboratory. “More than twenty-five million animals are used in research, testing, and education each year, according to the Humane Society of the United States” (Watson 7). Many of the animals that are used in these tests have been genetically modified to fit the certain experiments that they need. For example, scientists have created mice with a weaker immune system therefore making them more susceptible to harmful diseases. The harsh reality of animal testing is often not known by the public. This practice needs to be forbidden in every country across the world because what is happening is cruel and unnecessary.
Animal experimentation began as early as 450 BCE when Alcmaeon of Croton performed a vivisection on a dog. These early tests were done mainly for
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This needs to influence the United States and create a similar law. The Animal Welfare Act needs to be revised and edited for more present day concerns toward animal testing. A cosmetic company, The Body Shop, refuses to test their cosmetics on animals and encourages the stop to animal experimentation. More and more big brand cosmetic companies are joining in on this revolution to eliminate animal testing for good. There are laws against animal cruelty so why aren 't these scientists getting arrested for abusing these animals. The law should still apply to them because a law is a law. People for animal testing argue that animals are such a good model of humans that testing can show what these products would do to us humans. So if they are so similar, why is it wrong to do these tests on humans but not on animals? Because animals simply can not speak in a way we can understand? Next time you use mascara or shampoo think of what thousands of animals had to go through for you to get that

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