Essay on Why Outrage Over Police Brutality Isn 't Enough

812 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
We have seen many cases, especially on social media, about police officers taking advantage of their roll in law enforcement. The article, “Why outrage over police brutality isn 't enough,” discussed recent events that have occurred and what we need to do to work against those issues. The kind of words that the author used in the article were strong words expressing the disapproval against police brutality such as outrageous incidence or violence. The tone of this article was one of a strong persuasion on how to react against police brutality. Anger and sadness are feels that I found in the article. Anger against the police that don’t act appropriately and sadness for African-American and Hispanic brutality incidences.

The author did omit some details that I would have liked to have read in order to decide how I feel about this article. Yes, she did provide incidences about police officers abusing power but I didn’t see that she included much of the reasoning as to why the officers attacked the people. Sometimes officers have to act in a way that may not seem appropriate to normal people that don’t have that power in order to maintain order. For example, the author used the incidence about the officer tackling down students at a pool party in Texas. I did see that video and in my opinion, the video didn’t demonstrate enough to say that the officer was overreacting. For all we know, the teenagers could have been using explicit word that made him feel threatened. In this…

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