Why Nurses Are Nurses? Essay

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Nurses play a significant role in healthcare and specialise in different wards in hospitals. The work they do involves communicating between doctors patients and families, administering medications to paitents in hospicital care. Nurses are also employed in clinics and private practiceses. In Austrila there are currently Two main types of nurses, Regestered nurses and Enrolled nurses. In the Australian healthcare system registered nurses are required to monitor the activities that enrolled nurses conduct when it comes to paitent care. The reason why Registered nurses are held more accountable for the mistakes that enrolled nurses is mainly because registered nurses are required to be more qualified then enrolled nurses, they are required to attain a three year university degree where in comparion to enrolled nurses who are required to only to complete a two year tafe diploma.In saying that both types eventhough both types of nurses are involved in cairing for ill patients and aiming to get them back to their optimum health and the moral reward that they receive when that happens, a blind eye cannot be turned to the issues that they have with there profession . Cureently there are a lot of issues relating to the amount of time these nurses are working and the effects that these long hours of work with no rest have on the healthcare system. A nurses was interviwed in relation to the long hours of work that nurses conduct and its effects on Australia overall healthcare system.…

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